What I’m really thinking: The Lifeguard

Last week was the last of my illustration classes (although I have signed back up to the next set so get eight  more weeks of fun!) and our task was to come up with an illustration for an article from the Guardian.

We are given the text and told the dimension for the illustration and get to work. I really liked the line ‘I also dread having to tell people that their white swimwear has gone see-through…’, however my idea of a lady desperately trying to cover herself with her arms wasn’t working with the dimensions. The following line was ‘…or that they cant wear thong bikini bottoms…’ Can you tell where this is going!! In the end I came up with 3 uniform looking ladies in different swimwear with the offending bottoms in the middle. At the end of the class we are given the words on an A4 page with a hole cut out for out picture so we can see how they all look.

I have put a couple of my working sketches along with the final one below…I hope you like them!

What I'm really thinking: The Lifeguard

They are Letraset Pro Markers on animation paper though for some reason the colours washed out when I scanned them in so I have used photos of them to keep the colour quality. Their nicknamed ‘The Birthday Bottoms’ as the class was on my birthday!

Till next time…


A little bit of clothed life drawing…

I have not posted anything from my illustration course for a while as its mainly been observational drawings. However this week was ‘life drawing’ of each other from across the room. Not having done any proper life drawing since leaving university I was a bit scared as to how it would go as we would all be drawing whilst being drawn, though I have surprised myself! Im really proud of how each of them have come out. Each one was about 30-40 mins I think, i’m not entirely sure as I was so engrossed in the drawing I didn’t really want to stop!

Till my next post…