Flash Design

Below are a selection of screens from some of the E-learning courses I have created over the past year. I have also put together a short “showreel” of the below screens plus some others that you can click through and see how they work. Please click here to open. 

Click on an image to view full screen. Descriptions are below.

E-learning for a Children’s day nursery

This screen with the sheep was an animated introduction to the sleep  section. He hopped across the screen as the stars and moon dropped down on the strings. I decided to give all the screens a playful feel with the fridge magnet headings and the hand drawn feel to some of the images and pop up information boxes.

Children's nursery

E-learning – Fire Warden Course

This screen shows the fire triangle. To make it more interesting I animated the little fire man trowing down the logs, adding a match and blowing on to the fire to start it. I chose to use flames for each bullet point to add interest and use an orange to red gradient to outline each photo.

Fire Warden course