A little bit of clothed life drawing…

I have not posted anything from my illustration course for a while as its mainly been observational drawings. However this week was ‘life drawing’ of each other from across the room. Not having done any proper life drawing since leaving university I was a bit scared as to how it would go as we would all be drawing whilst being drawn, though I have surprised myself! Im really proud of how each of them have come out. Each one was about 30-40 mins I think, i’m not entirely sure as I was so engrossed in the drawing I didn’t really want to stop!

Till my next post…

2011 Showreel!!

Finally found some time to add in a few new bits from this last year to my showreel.
The shot list and credits will be added soon all on the Showreel page.

This week I will also hopefully be adding a similar showreel of my flash design work that you will be able to click through and interact with.